Below are a few examples of OpenCTM files, along with rendered pictures of the models. The pictures were all rendered in Blender.

Note: If you plan to use any of these models yourself, please consult their respective origins first to see under which conditions you may use them (different licenses may apply).

The Stanford bunny

Stanford bunny   bunny.ctm (157 KB)

This is the classic 69 K triangle model of a ceramic rabbit, that was scanned at the Stanford Computer Craphics Laboratory using a Cyberware 3030 MS scanner.

The headless giant

Headless Giant   HeadlessGiant.ctm (54 KB)

This is an 18 K triangle model, the "Headless Giant", from the open movie Elephants Dream by the Blender Foundation. The model was released under the Creative Commons license.

The picture was rendered using 2x Subsurf, since the model was designed to use surface subdivision during rendering.

Cyberware whole body scan

Cyberware male03   male03.ctm (3.6 MB)

This is a 1.4 M triangle model of a male. It is a demonstration of the Cyberware Whole Body Color 3D Scanner (Model WBX). Please note that the coloring is not a texture, but actually per vertex colors (the mesh is quite dense).

Soviet 80's ambulance

Soviet 80's ambulance (73 KB - OpenCTM + JPEG)

This is a textured low poly model of an ambulance (only 446 triangles). The OpenCTM file is just 3 KB, but the JPEG texture adds another 70 KB. The model was designed by Alexander V. Belov, and can be found at

Compared to the original model, the texture was polished slightly in order to remove some JPEG artifacts, and the car was rendered in a road scene to make the picture a bit more interesting.

Audi TT wheel

Audi TT wheel   auditt_wheel.ctm (281 KB)

This is a 69 K model of an Audi TT wheel, found at

The mesh has been manually cleaned up a bit, since the original model contained holes and near degenerate triangles. Also, since the original texture was not included with the model, vertex colors were added to make the wheel look more realistic.